• Scenic Technical Textiles

    Scenic Technical Textiles

    We work for the satisfaction of the client, we manufacture and manufacture your project
  • Scenic Technical Textiles

Scenic Technical Textiles
We work to satisfy our customers, we design and manufacture your project.


We are a textile company with more than 10 years of experience in the sector of
fireproof upholstery for cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and public facilities. The pillars
of our company philosophy are based on design and constant development, offering
our customers, both nationally and internationally, a fast, effective, exclusive and
personalized service for each project.

Scenic Technical Textiles

Our line of action is a clear commitment to meet the needs of our customers and market demand.
In order to offer an integral service, we have opted for the creation of two clearly differentiated products: Fabrics and Acoustic Screens.
Our extensive experience and constant research have allowed us to specialize in the field of technical fabrics, with a wide range of fireproof fabrics. With the collaboration of prestigious architects, we have managed to obtain a differential point within our sector, developing innovative and attractive designs.ovative and attractive designs.

Albert Domenech
General Manager